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Donate to our Goushala 

Our Goushala houses over 110 cows. With the numbers increasing day-by-day, the costs of maintenance also keeps going up.

We ensure that the best of cow feed and grass in sufficeint quantity is provided to our beloved Goumata.

Also, our Goushala believes in helping other Goushalas as well as small-scale cow shed grow and prosper, and hence wholeheartedly donates to various other cow sheds in and around Hyderabad.

With a dedicated and committed management committee, the progression and development planning of the Goushala also happens at an appreciable speed. Enabling those plans to come to life requires funding.

Currently, the Goushala plans to set up a new shed for more cows that we'll be adopting. Also, we plan to utilise the cowdung to make vermicompost, which requires machinery.

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